Youth Parliament Competition >> Introduction

In order to imbibe the concepts of Parliamentary democracy and to inculcate the parliamentary practices and procedures in the young minds, the Government of India introduced the "Youth Parliament Competition Scheme" in educational institutions following the recommendation of the Fourth All India Whips Conference held at Bombay in 1962 and its subsequent reiteration in 1966. From the year 1994-95, the Government of West Bengal initiated the scheme for its implementation in educational institutions of the State. Since then, the Parliamentary Affairs Department has been organizing "Youth Parliament Competition Scheme" in order to make students understand the parliamentary procedure and develop an insight into the working of parliament. It is also aimed at training students in the techniques of group discussion and to develop in them respect and tolerance for the views of others. Above all, it intends to develop in students the quality of leadership. The ultimate objective is to strengthen the fundamentals of Parliamentary democracy in the country. Over the past few years, the ambit of the scheme has been much broadened. The competition is now being held at the level of Block/Municipality, District and finally at the Division/State Level.